Adopt a Storm Drain

The City of Benicia and Benicia Main Street Program are seeking merchant volunteers to help keep downtown storm drains clean and free from debris. Through the new “Adopt-a-Drain” program, merchants can help keep one of the 10 First Street storm drains free of leaves, palm fronds, trash and other debris.

Why should I adopt a drain?

By adopting a drain you:

  • Help prevent flooding in downtown Benicia by keeping drains free of debris
  • Water quality: Prevent pollutants from entering local waterways
  • Volunteer/City Partnership/Benicia Main Street partnership
  • Help the City maintain our infrastructure, especially during the rainy season, when leaves and debris can increase the likelihood of flooding
  • Community building
  • Civic engagement
  • Possible dollar valuation could be calculated based on $26.34/hour value for volunteer time in California

How do I adopt a drain?

To adopt a drain:

  • Locate the drain you wish to adopt on the Adopt-a-Drain map using the map below.
  • Email us at with your email address, name (which will be visible to others), phone numbers (which are kept private.) If you do not wish your name to be posted on the website, you can list yourself as anonymous.

What happens next?

Once you’ve adopted a drain:

  • Clean your drain once a month or as needed
  • Only clean the drain opening and the curb and gutter approximately 10 feet to either side of the opening
  • E-mail a photo of your drain and details of your efforts to Benicia Main Street at
  • Report any assistance needed or illegal dumping to Benicia Main Street
  • Be proud of your active role in helping keep downtown Benicia clean and safe!

Safety Guidelines

  • Clear your drain opening only if it is safe. If the drain is still clogged after you’ve removed the surface debris, call Benicia Main Street at 745-9791 to report it.
  • Clear only drains next to the curb. Clear from curbside, not out in the street. Watch out for traffic.
  • Be careful of standing water to avoid slipping or stepping on sharp objects.
  • If children are helping, make sure adults are supervising.
  • Don’t try to lift storm drain grates; they are very heavy.
  • Let city crews handle garbage or any hazards in the catch basin. Clear surface debris only.