1. Can you believe this continent is splitting into two? Gallery 621
  2. Catching some waves! Benicia Plein Air Gallery
  3. I foresee you buying art in your future. Arata Art Gallery
  4. What the heck happened to this dude’s hair and teeth? Gallery 621
  5. The iconic “daughter” of our Benicia’s waterfront. HQ Gallery
  6. Aristocats Happy Life Pottery
  7. Bubbly and berries. Arata Art Gallery
  8. Meet scuba scruffy! Once Upon A Canvas
  9. Sewn scenes of majestic mountains. The Little Art Shop
  10. He likes long walks (or gallops) on the beach. Once Upon A Canvas
  11. Fresh catch of the day. Benicia Plein Air Gallery
  12. With this massive hand hovering, you’d decide to settle somewhere else too. Gallery 621
  13. Earth shakenly god-looking. Arata Art Gallery
  14. Reign of Sunshine Happy Life Pottery
  15. Downtown’s very own garden! HQ Gallery
  16. What time is it downtown? Check this clock. BMS
  17. When pigs fly! Well one has wings here. The Little Art Shop
  18. He’s lost his marbles! HQ Gallery
  19. The colorful doorways of downtown dwellings. Once Upon A Canvas
  20. Everyone will miss high tea from here. The Little Art Shop
  21. Having an (explosive) blast on the First Street Green. HQ Gallery
  22. The Benicia-Martinez connection. BMS